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Say or Silence?   1 comment

Over my lunch break today, I went to Kmart. Yeah, it’s not my favorite store but it’s the closest, most easily accessible place to get “stuff” and I only have 30 minutes on my lunch break, so it fit the bill today.

As I was walking up to the checkout counter, one of the cashiers said loudly (they always seem loud), “Well, as long as I follow the 10 Commandments, I don’t see why I need to go to church.”

Now, I’m your typical, guilty Catholic. I adore the Catholic faith and what it stands for, but I’m not so great with the guilt part of it. So after the cashier said this, I automatically thought: “Is God giving me a chance to preach my faith and stand up for what I believe in?” But I didn’t. I chickened out. Why? Because I didn’t want to get into a deep faith conversation with a Kmart cashier when my sole intent in going there was to go quickly. Plus I truly don’t believe she’s followed the 10 Commandments with conviction her whole life. Who has? Not me. And honestly, could she recite what they even are? (Here they are!

So I said nothing. I kind of wish I would’ve said something, but I didn’t. I did say a prayer for her though. I feel that everyone would benefit from some type of Christian community. Does the Catholic Church have problems at the moment? Sure it does. But I have faith in what the Church represents and that’s why I go to mass every Sunday and involve my kids in the Church as much as I can. I have faith, I believe in God.

Now, I’m sure there will be some naysayer comments on here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m just sharing mine. Catholics aren’t perfect, but there’s something strengthening about being a Christian. Especially a Christian who celebrates their faith with their church community.




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