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Wow it’s been some serious time since I last posted, but all is well. I haven’t been feeling very “write-y” lately and I tend to be very sensitive when I receive any kind of negative feedback, so I tend to shy away from any confrontation regarding it/my blog/writing.

Today for lunch I ran to Petsmart to get kitty litter and kitty food. It is so freaking cold out there, but my cat needs to eat, so my hat and gloves shall prevail. Then I got gas and realized I’m about 400 miles over on my oil change. How does that happen? I look and look and I still have 1,000 miles to go and then BAM – I’m way over.

I’m still at my current job, still doing good work with all the students that come to me. I’m lucky to have a job in this economy, especially one that pays above minimum wage. 🙂

Back to work, just wanted to check in with y’all!

P.S. Supernatural is on tonight, new episode, so excited.


  • Good things come to those who wait.

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