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A couple blog posts ago, I mentioned I had gotten laid off from my job. That was a scary two months. And then, just as I was about to apply for unemployment, a job offer comes in. Well, it started with an interview. And then another interview. And THEN the job offer, but there you go. It all worked out and now I work in a wonderful, low stress job setting and I’m feeling very blessed.

Everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that if I would’ve gotten this job right when I started applying, I wouldn’t have appreciated it as much as I do now. It’s like I had to go through the crap in order to really accept and appreciate the good. God works in mysterious ways.

Today for lunch I stopped at the post office and then got a chili lime rice bowl at Taco John’s (try them, they are amazing). I just sat and ate and reflected and realized I am in a good point in my life.

Now the question is – do we have another baby? But that’s another blog for another time. 🙂


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