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Today’s blog title has a double meaning.

1. Yes, I weighed myself. My team of Young Living reps have decided to start a weight loss challenge, using Young Living products such as Slique tea, Slique Essence, Balance Complete, and Sulfurzyme. So far today, I have managed to NOT each any chocolate. This is a huge deal, folks! So I weighed myself. I shall not share my weight because I’m embarrassed by it, but I will tell you my total weight loss at the end of two months.

2. I also did weights on my lunch break. And sit ups. And a spot of yoga. I didn’t want to go running (after all who has time to get dressed, including shoes, and run, and get back in a non-sweaty way to your desk in 30 minutes) but I still had a nice mini workout. It went fast! I had the weight room to myself, plus a little Shinedown to keep me company.

So, game on! Let’s get this show on the road!


  • Working out is easier alone than in a group (IMO).
  • Weight loss is hard! Must keep trying!

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Fun   1 comment

I just got nominated! 🙂 nominated me for a blog award, how cool is that? Thank you so much Grandma Nancy!

As I am learning, most blog awards, have a few rules and this one is no exception:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
  2. Reveal 7 items about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

Item #1? See above.

Item #2?

  1. I am married with two kids. Maybe more, who knows?
  2. I’m starting a weight loss challenge in August.
  3. Queen is my all time favorite band. Ever.
  4. I know how to play and enjoy playing cribbage . I don’t always win though.
  5. I’m a Young Living distributor and absolutely adore their products.
  6. I have a dog named Bugsy and a cat name Rex. Bugsy is half the size of Rex, but always bosses him around.
  7. I recently graduated with my MBA. Now I’m searching for a way to utilize it!

And finally Item #3.


As a side note, today’s lunch I went to Chipotle again and this time, no annoying trucks blocked my way. The line at Chipotle was LONG but I gotta give them credit, they moved us through pretty quickly.

Have an awesome day all!

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Some People . . .   Leave a comment

Today I had a taste for Chipotle since I have not eaten there in a LONG time. Plus it’s a quick drive from work, so off I went.

I parked a little further down in the parking lot in a spot where both spaces on either side of me were empty. Then I went inside. The line wasn’t too long so I got my food, paid for it, and went on my merry way back out to my car. Except I could barely open my car door because of THIS goofball:

(okay I need a new phone but it was bad!)

I started sweating because I couldn’t even back out of my space, our bumpers were that close together. So I put it in reverse and then drive and then reverse again about six times so I finally inched my way out of the spot. Then I angrily opened my door hard enough to make a small mark on his door, and finally left him a little note on his side mirror that said “Nice parking job, jerk!” Yeah I’m mean, I know, but seriously. The WHOLE parking lot and you choose that spot and park in that manner? I was peeved.

And then I went back to work. 🙂


  • Don’t park in parking lots.
  • Try and control your anger.

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Blows Hot and Cold   Leave a comment

The title is a shout-out to my favorite band of all time: Queen.

Today for lunch, since I am feeling a little tired and poopy, I just sat in the car with my eyes closed for almost the whole half hour. I still feel pretty tired, but at least my eyes got a break.

While sitting there with the windows open, soaking up the sun, I thought of something.

This is what my settings are on the way to work:

And here is what they are in the afternoon and on the way home:

I love Minnesota. So weatherly bipolar.


  • Meditating is good if you can spare a few minutes.

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Yesterday I struggled to come up with something to write about my lunch break. I got a piece of pizza and then went to Target to shop for birthday gifts and Easter stuff. But I was just so “bunky” yesterday I couldn’t have written a positive sentence if I tried. I think it was the weather partly, and partly because I think we’re going to have a hard time getting into the Ronald McDonald House when my son goes in for his surgery. It’s funny how little things like that can just throw you off.

Well today for my lunch break, I went to the local library. I haven’t been in there for quite some time but I needed to pick up a book that was on hold for me, something that was suggested reading for my final MBA class. Not too exciting but hopefully it will be helpful. I also picked up Jaycee Dugar’s memoir and read the first chapter of it before going back into work. It’s not too bad so far.

So that’s all I had time for today, but I’m glad to see the weather is turning sunnier, even though I felt like fastening myself down so I didn’t blow away.

Happy Tuesday!


  • Not all reading is fun, some of it is necessary.
  • I think people need longer than a half hour lunch break.

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Saying Goodbye   Leave a comment

No, I’M not saying goodbye to my little blog! Today for lunch, I am saying goodbye to two coworkers by way of a community potluck. One coworker is moving out-of-state and the other is retiring. Both were great to work with, even though I interacted with them indirectly, and they are good people. I hope they have good luck in the future.

My contribution to the potluck was beans and hamburger mixed together in a crock pot, topped with cheese, and then served with chips. I never know what to bring to these things! Do I make some amazing, memorable dish that people will ask me to bring to every potluck for the rest of my life? Or do I go with a good old standby: chips and dip? I went with safety today, so hopefully it complements all the other food stuff in the lunch room.

Here is the pre-cheese picture:

The cheese made it gooey and nice, so I would say it was a hit!


  • There’s no problem cheese can’t solve.
  • Saying goodbye is bittersweet.

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Fighter   Leave a comment

Today for lunch I headed out to my car again while mourning the fact that there is no picnic table or anywhere to sit outside of the building I work in. Well, there is, but it’s in the middle of Smoker’s Haven, so I tend not to stray over there. So off to my car again to open the windows and sit in the warm sun.

Sadly, I didn’t have anything too interesting to do on my lunch break. Just read my homework that I need to write a big paper about. The reading is about launching a fighter brand, where big companies who want to compete with the “thrifty” competitor’s offerings launch a similar product that is lower quality but more cost efficient than the premium option they offer. It’s actually kind of interesting. As for my paper, luckily, it’s just my OPINION of what the reading is about, and BS seems to be my thing when it comes to writing. So I should be set.


  • Don’t underestimate the power of BS.
  • Don’t believe in the power of spell check. It just suggested I change “mourning” to “morning”.


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