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Quiet! Shut Your Mouth . . .   Leave a comment

The blog title is from a Missy Elliot song, it’s been in my head all week which is weird because I don’t normally listen to rap. But I digress . . .

Today’s question is this: When a friend gets in fight with their husband/boyfriend and then that friend comes to you to COMPLAIN about said husband/boyfriend, what should you do? Well, I typically go the route of “That bastard! I can’t believe he did that!” or “You’re way too good for him, he doesn’t do anything to help you out anyway.” Which is what I think needs to be said, or what I think my friend wants me to say.

But apparently, whatever you say will be held against you in a court of friendship. After the smoke clears, the friend wants to discuss what you said about her husband/boyfriend and that your comments were not appreciated. Well, they sure as hell were appreciated by you while I was saying them!

Now, I’ve never been what you’d call a “social butterfly” so I sometimes make social faux pas. But honestly, what is the correct response when your friend is vomiting words on you about someone else? “I understand, I’m sorry” just doesn’t seem to cut it. They want to draw you into their frustration which I completely DO understand. A good old-fashioned bitch session is sometimes the answer to all life’s problems.

So in the future, I will try to just steer clear of all drama-inducing, emotion-spewing arguments and conversations that don’t directly include me. 🙂



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Say or Silence?   1 comment

Over my lunch break today, I went to Kmart. Yeah, it’s not my favorite store but it’s the closest, most easily accessible place to get “stuff” and I only have 30 minutes on my lunch break, so it fit the bill today.

As I was walking up to the checkout counter, one of the cashiers said loudly (they always seem loud), “Well, as long as I follow the 10 Commandments, I don’t see why I need to go to church.”

Now, I’m your typical, guilty Catholic. I adore the Catholic faith and what it stands for, but I’m not so great with the guilt part of it. So after the cashier said this, I automatically thought: “Is God giving me a chance to preach my faith and stand up for what I believe in?” But I didn’t. I chickened out. Why? Because I didn’t want to get into a deep faith conversation with a Kmart cashier when my sole intent in going there was to go quickly. Plus I truly don’t believe she’s followed the 10 Commandments with conviction her whole life. Who has? Not me. And honestly, could she recite what they even are? (Here they are!

So I said nothing. I kind of wish I would’ve said something, but I didn’t. I did say a prayer for her though. I feel that everyone would benefit from some type of Christian community. Does the Catholic Church have problems at the moment? Sure it does. But I have faith in what the Church represents and that’s why I go to mass every Sunday and involve my kids in the Church as much as I can. I have faith, I believe in God.

Now, I’m sure there will be some naysayer comments on here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m just sharing mine. Catholics aren’t perfect, but there’s something strengthening about being a Christian. Especially a Christian who celebrates their faith with their church community.



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Decisions, Decisions   Leave a comment

I’ve come to the realization that my lunch breaks are just too boring to blog about on a regular basis. Oh sure, some of them are funny as hell, and some of them are entertaining, but others are just like . . . meh. So I’m going to start incorporating what I HEAR on my lunch breaks. Like sometimes I hear people say really dumb/funny/stupid/random things and I just have to blog about it. So with that being said, welcome to my new goal in life: blogging about lunch and random phrases. 🙂

On a different note, I’ve decided to write a book about my son’s past surgeries. I have absolutely no idea where to start. I have the narrative completed, I just need someone to make me pictures and a publisher. Easy, right? LOL I understand that it’s a tough industry to crack into, but I’m going to give it a shot. It’s go time!



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Rise Above   Leave a comment

Today for lunch I went for a walk. I needed some time to unwind as this week has been kind of  . . . alternate universe bipolar.

First on Monday, we had a going away party for a dear coworker of mine. I will miss her a lot since we confide in each other when things get tough. I feel slightly alone now at work, even though I have plenty of other coworkers. I just don’t trust them as far as I can throw them.

On Tuesday, I had a longer lunch break and I was going to work out. In fact, I was actually kind of looking forward to a sweaty, grueling treadmill and weight infused lunch. I figured, 1:30 p.m., who would be using the exercise room? Of course, I go in, and another coworker is on the treadmill. Let me rephrase, another CHATTY coworker was on the treadmill. So, in my frustration at the destruction of my plans, I drove to Barnes and Noble and bought a book that was released that day. And then I started to read it. Oh, and I bought a Godiva chocolate bar too, so pretty much the antithesis of working out.

Then today, my husband and I had a tough argument in the morning. We pretty much never fight, so this was a surprise and kind of shocking in that we actually yelled at each other. He said some things that offended me, I chose to use my potty mouth, and we were not smart about it. So over my lunch break today, I took a walk around the pond nearby to clear my head. Very awesome day outside, weather wise. Here is a little video about it (don’t watch it if birds freak you out):

(Apparently I can only post actual videos if I purchase the “video upgrade” through WordPress. I think not.)

So now I’m back at work, pushing paperwork and processing graduates in our system. Hopefully tonight will be better. 🙂


  • Arguments sucks

  • Walks and any kind of down time are much-needed for women of today.

    The one thing that kind of ups my day is that the season 8 premiere of Supernatural is on tonight. So a little redemption for this poopy day!

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Lunch with Pops   Leave a comment

Today I met my Dad for lunch. Yes, I capitalized Dad because he’s an important person.

It was just next door at the local Subway (our frequent lunch spot) and we ate and chatted for a half hour. He’s not the best listener, but I am, and I sense he doesn’t get a lot of people who truly listen to him, so I don’t mind. He actually has an interesting job. Not quite as dramatic as mine, but that’s good. 🙂

Walking him to his car, I looked down and noticed a $5 bill laying on the ground. Bonus! Of course I tried to give it to Dad since he paid for my lunch, but of course, he refused. Typical giving Dad.

So I got a free lunch and I’m $5 richer. Not a bad lunch break for me!


  • Take care to listen to your parents. They’re smart.


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Final Day of July   Leave a comment

Currently it is 84 degrees out, and a bit humid. But we Minnesotans persevere!

I stopped at KFC for lunch today and got their 6-piece chicken bites, just to try them ’cause they’re new. I would give them . . . 7 out of 10 stars. They were good, but nothing uber special. Plus I asked for honey mustard sauce, but they forgot that. And napkins.

Then I went and sat in a shaded parking lot. With the windows of my car down, the breeze was pretty nice, so I sat and worked on a book that a friend of a friend is writing. I’m just correcting it, adding notes, grammar suggestions, etc. I’ve had it for a while though so I need to finish it up and send it back. Almost done!

That about sums up my lunch break!


  • Take solace in silence.
  • KFC Bites are probably the healthiest thing on the menu.

P.S. This picture means nothing, I just thought it was pretty to look at. 🙂

P.P.S I like Young Living Oils a lot.

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Fun   1 comment

I just got nominated! 🙂 nominated me for a blog award, how cool is that? Thank you so much Grandma Nancy!

As I am learning, most blog awards, have a few rules and this one is no exception:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
  2. Reveal 7 items about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

Item #1? See above.

Item #2?

  1. I am married with two kids. Maybe more, who knows?
  2. I’m starting a weight loss challenge in August.
  3. Queen is my all time favorite band. Ever.
  4. I know how to play and enjoy playing cribbage . I don’t always win though.
  5. I’m a Young Living distributor and absolutely adore their products.
  6. I have a dog named Bugsy and a cat name Rex. Bugsy is half the size of Rex, but always bosses him around.
  7. I recently graduated with my MBA. Now I’m searching for a way to utilize it!

And finally Item #3.


As a side note, today’s lunch I went to Chipotle again and this time, no annoying trucks blocked my way. The line at Chipotle was LONG but I gotta give them credit, they moved us through pretty quickly.

Have an awesome day all!

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