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I don’t want to say anything bad about my place of employment because they might read this blog, but if they didn’t, I would probably go off on a tangent. That’s all. 🙂

Today for lunch, I ran over to Goodwill to try to find Halloween accessories for my kids. My son wants to be a pirate. I thought I could probably just get the extra stuff and he could just wear black. I found a cool sword, hook hand, earring, and coin pouch combo for $10 and then a skull-cap for $1. I also found my daughter a couple of pairs of pants since she seems to go through them at record speed. I still don’t know what she wants to be for Halloween. Soon she’ll be too old! Although that doesn’t seem to stop the neighborhood teens from knocking on my door looking for candy. They typically get the summer parade leftovers (Tootsie Rolls, suckers, etc.)

Then I stopped at Wendy’s. I know. That place gives me the heebie jeebies, but I had five minutes and needed something fast. Fast food, get it? It was gross but at least my stomach isn’t growling. I’ll have some leftovers ready for tomorrow thank goodness.

Back to work. I’m so excited! On the plus side, Supernatural is on tonight. Season 8, episode 2! 🙂


  • Put one foot in front of the other and eventually you’ll get there.

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Planned   Leave a comment

Sometimes before I go on my longer lunch breaks, I plan out what I need to get done. Today’s list was: nap. In my car. In a sparsely occupied parking lot. My daughter had some minor gum/mouth surgery yesterday but it kept us up on and off all night, so I am just wiped. Add in a couple more episodes of Supernatural than I should’ve watched, and you’ve got a recipe for sloggishness (yes that is a word).

So nap was calling me today, but you know how the best laid plans go. That’s right. A rye. Like bread.

First, I ran into a fellow employee in the parking lot and we talked about work in general: the highs, but mostly the lows. Then I had to call my husband and mom, who were watching over my healing daughter today. Then I remembered I had a book to read for some Young Living training I signed up for. The message of the book is great, but it is a SLLOOOOWWW read. Very dry. Well by the time all those things were said and done, I only had about 20 minutes left. So I stopped at KFC and got a BBQ chicken sandwich, ate it, read some more, there you have it: one lunch break done.

Now at work for several more hours. Rock on!


  • Time flies when you’re having fun. Make the most of it.


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Mean Salad   Leave a comment

I make a mean salad.

I stopped by the grocery store to get a few groceries and thought, “Hey, I haven’t had lunch yet.” So I made up a kick butt salad from their deli. Although it’s dangerous, I sometimes react to the weird chemicals they have on the lettuce/greens, but what can I say? I’m a risk taker.

Since my last post, I have become obsessed with my new obsession, which is Supernatural. Google that. Or Jensen Ackles. Or Jared Padalecki. And you’ll understand immediately.

Finally, my last item of lunchtime enlightenment today is one of other drivers on the road. If you’re going to turn right, get into the righthand turn lane. Trust me, that’s what it’s there for.

That about sums it up!


  • Be a risk taker. They have more fun.
  • Learn how to drive.

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Today I met my Dad for lunch. Yes, I capitalized Dad because he’s an important person.

It was just next door at the local Subway (our frequent lunch spot) and we ate and chatted for a half hour. He’s not the best listener, but I am, and I sense he doesn’t get a lot of people who truly listen to him, so I don’t mind. He actually has an interesting job. Not quite as dramatic as mine, but that’s good. 🙂

Walking him to his car, I looked down and noticed a $5 bill laying on the ground. Bonus! Of course I tried to give it to Dad since he paid for my lunch, but of course, he refused. Typical giving Dad.

So I got a free lunch and I’m $5 richer. Not a bad lunch break for me!


  • Take care to listen to your parents. They’re smart.


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Weigh Time   Leave a comment

Today’s blog title has a double meaning.

1. Yes, I weighed myself. My team of Young Living reps have decided to start a weight loss challenge, using Young Living products such as Slique tea, Slique Essence, Balance Complete, and Sulfurzyme. So far today, I have managed to NOT each any chocolate. This is a huge deal, folks! So I weighed myself. I shall not share my weight because I’m embarrassed by it, but I will tell you my total weight loss at the end of two months.

2. I also did weights on my lunch break. And sit ups. And a spot of yoga. I didn’t want to go running (after all who has time to get dressed, including shoes, and run, and get back in a non-sweaty way to your desk in 30 minutes) but I still had a nice mini workout. It went fast! I had the weight room to myself, plus a little Shinedown to keep me company.

So, game on! Let’s get this show on the road!


  • Working out is easier alone than in a group (IMO).
  • Weight loss is hard! Must keep trying!

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Final Day of July   Leave a comment

Currently it is 84 degrees out, and a bit humid. But we Minnesotans persevere!

I stopped at KFC for lunch today and got their 6-piece chicken bites, just to try them ’cause they’re new. I would give them . . . 7 out of 10 stars. They were good, but nothing uber special. Plus I asked for honey mustard sauce, but they forgot that. And napkins.

Then I went and sat in a shaded parking lot. With the windows of my car down, the breeze was pretty nice, so I sat and worked on a book that a friend of a friend is writing. I’m just correcting it, adding notes, grammar suggestions, etc. I’ve had it for a while though so I need to finish it up and send it back. Almost done!

That about sums up my lunch break!


  • Take solace in silence.
  • KFC Bites are probably the healthiest thing on the menu.

P.S. This picture means nothing, I just thought it was pretty to look at. 🙂

P.P.S I like Young Living Oils a lot.

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Fun   1 comment

I just got nominated! 🙂 nominated me for a blog award, how cool is that? Thank you so much Grandma Nancy!

As I am learning, most blog awards, have a few rules and this one is no exception:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
  2. Reveal 7 items about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

Item #1? See above.

Item #2?

  1. I am married with two kids. Maybe more, who knows?
  2. I’m starting a weight loss challenge in August.
  3. Queen is my all time favorite band. Ever.
  4. I know how to play and enjoy playing cribbage . I don’t always win though.
  5. I’m a Young Living distributor and absolutely adore their products.
  6. I have a dog named Bugsy and a cat name Rex. Bugsy is half the size of Rex, but always bosses him around.
  7. I recently graduated with my MBA. Now I’m searching for a way to utilize it!

And finally Item #3.


As a side note, today’s lunch I went to Chipotle again and this time, no annoying trucks blocked my way. The line at Chipotle was LONG but I gotta give them credit, they moved us through pretty quickly.

Have an awesome day all!

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