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Finally! I got my phone to send a picture of the doofus that parked next to me yesterday:

What a dork.

Today for lunch however, I did not leave the safety of my work’s parking lot. We had a potluck instead, celebrating the birthday of our maintenance person (janitor, jack of all trades, etc.) He’s not employed by the company I work for; an outside cleaning company placed him here. But everyone here loves him. He is the sweetest guy, soft-spoken, great attitude. I believe he came from Mexico or some other Spanish-speaking country, within the past few years. He is truly grateful for his job, does great work, and in return we give him respect and recognition, all of which makes him choked up at events like this potluck today. He brought his wife with, and they are such a cute little couple.

It’s people like him that make me proud to work in America. He said that this is his American dream, that he has a good job with people who care about him. His simplistic take on happiness really makes me think twice about complaining about anything. We should all remember to be grateful for what we have, we are truly lucky and blessed to live in this country, even if our government is shady. 🙂


  • Be grateful for what you have because tomorrow you might not have it.
  • Be content with the people around you.

Posted June 27, 2012 by Lunchtime Enlightenment in Food, People, School

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