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This is exactly what my meal will look like tonight, complete with backdrop of egg, parsley, cream pitcher, whisk, and uncooked pasta. Yes.

Next week and the week after (if not, more), my husband I will be down at a local hospital tending to our son, who will be having heart surgery. Of course, we have an older daughter as well, and she can’t very well miss school for two weeks. So tonight, I’m inviting the grandparents over to plan out our daughter’s schedule while we’re gone. It’s a huge undertaking for them, so we are grateful.

I figured the least I could do was provide them with supper: chicken alfredo, garlic bread, fruit, and wine.

So today for my lunch break, I headed out to the local grocery store to pick up some garlic bread and also some lunch for me. We’re cleaning out the fridge this week, and there’s not a whole lot to pack for lunches, so I just grabbed a piece of pizza at the deli, along with a veggie cup. Balanced, right? No strange people or occurrences today, just a trip to the store and back to work. Very anti-climatic.


  • If your parents are still in your life, make them supper some night.

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