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I’m kind of grumpy today, just from a mixture of things that are beyond my control. Most days I let this type of stuff roll off my back but today for some reason, I can’t let go of my anger and frustrations. I need some wine, but unfortunately they don’t allow that at work.

But anyway, my lunch break today was filled like it always is. First I stopped at the pet store to get food for our cat. Then I went to the local grocery store to get some treats for my daughter’s class. However, I suddenly¬†remembered her telling me that there was a wheat allergy involved with one of her classmates, so I called the school but couldn’t get a hold of anyone, so I left the grocery store until later.

Then I went to Crafts Direct and picked up two bags of popsicle sticks. Sorry, the appropriate verbage is “wooden craft sticks” but you know what I mean. One colored, one plain, one for my daughter and one for a fund-raiser at the kids’ school.

Then I got myself a sandwich and a latte at Crafts Direct’s little bistro thing and it was very good. I spent the remainder of my lunch break eating/drinking that and watching people jogging past me. You go be active and healthy, little runners. At least my taste buds are active.

Finally I got a hold of the principal at the school who told me there was in fact a wheat allergy to tend to. With 10 minutes left of my lunch break, there wasn’t enough time for me to run to get ice cream, so I called my husband and asked if he could take care of it. He said he would thankfully.


  • It’s okay to be grumpy, as long as it’s not longer than a month.
  • Women are required to do a lot and multi task. That’s why we’re awesome.

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