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Today’s lunch break brought me to Mills Fleet Farm, where I needed to pick up softener salt. It’s one of those things where you nag your better half to get it, but he’s just as busy as YOU are, so you just squeeze it into a lunch break. 🙂

So off to Fleet Farm I went, and found the salt nestled in the back amongst the bags of soil and random motorcycle helmets. I lugged a couple 40 pound bags into my cart and went to go check out. I also spied a display of Cadbury Eggs, so I grabbed one of those too. They are limited edition, folks, get them while you can!

The nice register lady rang me up and I was waiting for my receipt when an older woman pulled up her cart behind me. I immediately thought “crazy cat lady” because her cart was overflowing with kitty litter and cat food. Well, she started pulling things out of her cart, but in the process, started pushing my cart forward so she could reach the counter. I scooted forward once, but she kept doing it (I kept getting rammed in the ankle). Finally the register lady, who needed my signature on the receipt before I got pushed out the door, told crazy cat lady to just wait and that she would get the heavy things out of her cart for her. Crazy cat lady looked ticked off at the world in general, so I just high tailed it out of there before she threw cat nip in my face.

I had about 8 minutes left, so I also stopped to get gas. I paid at the pump but my receipt didn’t come out and I didn’t want to drive away as a felon, so I jumped inside quickly to make sure I was safe.

I was.


  • Don’t get between crazy people and their kitty litter purchase.
  • Don’t break the law.



Posted March 29, 2012 by Lunchtime Enlightenment in People, Places

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