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For today’s lunch break, I headed upstairs at my office to work on a narrative I’m doing over the phone tonight as part of my MBA proposal. I’m sitting at 8.5 minutes talking time as of last night and I’d like it to be closer to 10 minutes so I added a few tidbits of amazing BS that should hopefully bring  a minute and a half more.

While I was upstairs I got a phone call on my cell. From a surgeon’s office. Now, I don’t like getting these calls. Because it means nerves. And anticipation. To bring you all up to speed, my young son will be needing his third heart surgery and his age barely outpaces the number of surgeries he’s had. Sucks. So I talked to the nice lady who suggested we schedule his surgery for the end of this month.

Last month, I didn’t think we needed to address this for another five years. Last week, I didn’t think we needed to address it for five months, and last night I didn’t think we’d need to address in it a couple of weeks, but I guess we do.

I asked if we could wait until May and she was going to check with the surgeon to make sure. Why drag it out? I’m not sure. Knee-jerk reaction. Do I want to meet with the doctor for a pre-surgical consult. I don’t know, do I? My head is about to explode. And did someone punch me in the gut just now? Ugh. Parents, you’re picking up what I’m laying down right? I mean this is my CHILD.

So that’s what I spent my lunch break doing today. Spewing BS and trying not to hyperventilate. Honestly, not one of my better lunchtime excursions. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


  • If you can multitask bad things, you leave more time for happy things.
  • No one loves children as much as a mother trying to protect them.

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  1. Oh Mary, I’m so sorry that he has to have another surgery:( I will pray that all is well and you have peace with it.

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