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Here was my view pulling away from my house this morning (don’t worry, the car is stopped):

I love it when nature can make Monday mornings a little better. I’m still grumpy for some reason today (probably because it IS Monday) but I will survive.

Today for lunch, I was supposed to meet a woman to review my health goals, but I just don’t feel like I’m in a really “goal-y” place today, so I cancelled. Instead, I stopped and got Culver’s flavor of the day, an intriguing mix of salted caramel banana nut (I’ll admit, I’m an emotional eater). Then I went to the bank to deposit some money in my kids’ savings account and then I sat in my car for a bit. I know that sounds lame, but honestly, it’s just nice to sit there for a minute without worrying about who is going to be walking into your office and interrupting your daydreaming. Plus Reader’s Digest rocks my world (and I’m not even 83).

I kind of wanted to have lunch out today with my husband but he’s nowhere near my area today so I just talked with him on the phone and ate my packed lunch, saving us $30. Saving money is FUN!!


  • Sometimes it’s okay to have a down day.
  • Saving money may not be fun, but it’s a good habit to have.



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