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Today’s lunch brought me to my favorite local chiropractor. I was in and out of there in 35 minutes which is awesome. I got there five minutes before my appointment time, was in the room by my scheduled time, got a massage and an ultrasound, more massage, an adjustment, a nice chat with the doctor, and then out in time to get back to work.

I had an annoying kink in the middle of my back between my shoulder blades. The doc adjusted my neck, upper back, and lower back (which is always a little “off”). I then mentioned to her that I read an article about people dying after visiting the chiropractor. She said she gets that question often and said it’s a good question to ask.

Apparently in Canada a few years ago, a woman had a stroke after having a neck adjustment. Of course, everyone jumped on the chiropractor and blamed him. It went to court, and after extensive research, it turns out the patient had an underlying condition and it was a total coincidence that they stroked after the adjustment. My doctor said there are 29 documented cases of issues after an adjustment and five of those are after adjustments by a professional chiropractor. In each of those cases, the patient had other health issues that needed to be addressed. Just thought that was interesting information to share.

THEN I stopped by a great little shop that sells “meal in a shake” mixes, tea, and aloe water. I ordered a cake batter shake, an Arnold Palmer tea, and a shot of aloe water. All of that for $6.50 but I had a free coupon from work so obviously it was a good deal. It was very filling and tasted awesome, so I think I may visit them again sometime. 🙂


  • Chiropractors are a great substitute for pain pills.
  • I love Waite Fusion!

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