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I realize I haven’t written much this week (okay I haven’t written AT ALL), so consequently, I have a lot of thoughts that have bubbled up inside me since last week. These really don’t have TOO much to do with my lunchtime excursions, but I still want to spew them out anyway.

First of all, I’ve been seeing a lot of articles about parents and treating their kids horribly:–abc-news.html

As a mom of two kids, this not only makes me nauseous, it infuriates me at the same time. Are we so far gone as a society that this is considered rational parenting? Will no one step in? Maybe the friends and family of these people? For one family, it’s too late, the two boys are gone because their dad blew up their house.

Second, I get very frustrated when people talk about politics. This is why: people complain and whine about things that are going wrong (and there IS a lot going wrong) but it’s like yellow snow. You can stand there complaining about why the snow is yellow and how it should be white, but all the talking in the world can’t make it white again – it’s just yellow, deal with it. Like complaining about politics, the public has NO POWER when it comes to wanting to make a change – even if we vote in a way that makes us feel we’re making a choice, it’s more to it than that. We are at the mercy of the government, Congress, the President, etc. no matter what we choose.

Finally, I blogged the following on one of my pages on Facebook:

I think we’ve turned into a “yes” nation: yes you can have another credit card even though you’ve maxed out five others, yes you can take drugs and smoke, yes you can sue anyone you want, yes you can have an abortion, yes you can apply for food stamps even though you’re capable of working, yes you can divorce your spouse whenever you choose no matter what, yes you can play the system, yes yes yes. …

How about saying NO for once? Put the brakes on, make people accountable for their actions, and then see if this society snaps out of it. No you CAN’T sue McDonald’s for making you fat, no you CAN’T have an abortion because it’s murder, no you CAN’T sit on your butt and expect the government to wait on you. But you CAN do something about your lot in life. So go do it!

*stepping off my soapbox*

I realize that that’s a bit of a generalization, but that’s what I blog is for: my feelings and thoughts.

I also came across this passage that kind of goes along with what I posted above:

I’m scared for my future, for my KIDS’ future. I feel helpless to make a change as big as the one that’s needed. I’m scared I’ll soon be forced to vaccinate my grandkids, accept anything the majority deems appropriate, and have my choices taken away from me. Maybe not in my lifetime, but I’m scared it will happen.

So this blog turned into fear mongering kind of, I apologize. I’m usually not too pessimistic, but reading the news sometimes gets me into a depressed mood. I don’t want to live life with rose-colored glasses, but sometimes it is scary!

Anyway, for lunch today I’m probably going to sneak upstairs and work on my homework. I live in the United States of America and I can earn my Master’s degree because I work hard and believe in education. I have a full-time job and I’m grateful. I have a roof over my head and the love and support of my family. Some people don’t have this, so I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I believe in a strong family, hard work, integrity, and honor. If you don’t have these things – go get them or find a way to incorporate them into your life.


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