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I recently realized the Superbowl is this weekend. I forget sometimes, not being a big sports fan and all. But I like the Superbowl because it means we get together at the home of one of our friends, meet up with other friends, eat food like crazy, and let the kids entertain themselves. That and the commercials make it the best day of the new year usually.

So everyone brings something to share and I came across the recipe for “World’s Best Queso”. It SOUNDS good. Here are the ingredients I picked up today on my lunch break:

So yeah, those are all good ingredients, and will make what my husband would call “man dip”. It IS kind of manly I guess, girthy and awesome. You know, like men.

I don’t buy Velveeta very often though, maybe once a year. At Superbowl time. There’s something about cheese not needing to be refrigerated that’s weird to me. But I digress. For man dip it’s awesome.

Also on my lunch break, I used the express check out and the woman working at the register was a little “not-happy” and was talking to an elderly couple in front of me. Their conversation went something like this:

Elderly man: “Do you miss coming back?”
Register woman: “No, I got too much sh!t to do around here.” *disgusted sigh*
Elderly man: “Ha ha.”
Register woman: “I’m out of here in two years though.”

Okay, potty mouth. Thanks for wishing me a nice day, it seemed SO sincere.

Also as a side note, I bypassed the tempting chocolate and deli display on my way out, so hooray for will power!


  • All foods are fine in moderation.
  • Sporting events are a great excuse to get together with your buddies.

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