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For those of you who were wondering, the World’s Best Cat Litter is working pretty well. The cat is getting adjusted to it, but he’s such a fancy pants, it’s taking a while.

So today I went back to Petsmart to get some more litter. I also spied a cool Christmas chew toy for the dog (on sale!).

Even nicely wrapped with a bow, because my dog will SO appreciate that.

So I hopped out to my car, knowing I had a few minutes extra to eat my lunch when I got back to work.

“Hello, miss, how are you today?”

I looked up and saw a man a few parking spots away holding a bucket and a squee-gee looking thing.

“I’m fine,” I said cautiously. “How are you?”

“Oh, customers have been mean today.”

“Well, I hope it gets better for you.” And I got in my car.

*knock, knock*

Sighing, I roll down my window.

“Now, see I got two small boys at home and I don’t have no job, so what I’m doing is going around and washing people’s windows on their car. You can give me whatever you want, fifty cents, $5, whatever you got.”

Now before I respond, I thinking back about a year ago when two younger women approached me in the Pizza Ranch parking lot, stating that their car was broken down and they were stranded and couldn’t we just give them a couple bucks? And me, like a sucker, gave them $2. A few minutes later, a woman in a minivan stopped and said they had been working the area like that for a few nights and that she had called the cops on them.

So back to the 40-something man, whose head is nearly in my car window.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “but I have to get back to work.”

He gave me a glare. “Well how about you give me a couple bucks so I can at least buy my sons some bread.”

After taking in his gold bling, nice jacket, warm looking gloves, and being somewhat skeptical, I simply said, “I’m sorry, I can’t” and started to pull away. He gave me an angry gesture and started walking to the grocery store next door.

Isn’t it sad that society today has trained us to be skeptical of people like that? Or, on the other hand, isn’t it sad that there are people out there posing as the homeless when really they’re pretty well off? I just don’t know which one to believe, but I went with my gut on this one and turned him down. I just hate being put in that position, where my compassion wars with my common sense.




  • Finding that balance between being a helper and being a sucker is tough.
  • Pets have been proven to lower stress levels. Go get some kitty litter.

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