Running on Empty   Leave a comment

Literally, I was running on empty today over my lunch break. Let’s take a moment to reflect on my past few days.

First, our washing machine conked out on us. My father-in-law to the rescue! He owns a laundromat and had a couple extra washers in his shed, and hooked us up (literally) until we get a new one in. Then our water softener is making our water taste like ocean, so he came over with a repair guy and figured out the problem: we need a new one. Lovely! Finally, the starter went out on my car. Again, my father-in-law offered to put a new one in and then lent me their van while he fixed it today. Can you see how grateful I am for family? My parents help too, but in this case, my FIL to the rescue.

Forward to today. I have their nice van to run errands: doctor, Barnes and Noble, and Chipotle. But by the time I did all that, I realized I needed gas but didn’t have time to stop and get some. So hopefully I have enough fumes to get to the end of the block so I can fill up after work. 🙂

Also on my lunch break, I witnessed probably half a dozen “almost” accidents with people going across two lanes of traffic (in front of semis) to get in the right hand turn lane and changing lanes with no space to change into. Even I got cut off a couple times. How do people commute for a living?? My sympathies are with them.

I have a craving for a sandwich for some reason . . . (and before you freak out, the car was in park and the light is red).


  • Never underestimate the power of family.
  • Drive safe, people. Don’t be that jerk that takes years off people’s lives.

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