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Hi gang.

Tuesday’s lunch break was awesome because I was at home for the day, using up some of my last vacation time for the year.

Wednesday’s lunch was a run to the bank to deposit some cash for Christmas gifts.

Today’s lunch was just me sitting in my car. I’m a little sad today because yesterday I found out that two of my amazing coworkers have been laid off. They had no idea it was coming and were totally blindsided when they came into work. Of course I have many questions, some of which stem from my lack of experience as a manager or business owner. But they are as follows:

1. Why didn’t the company wait until after the holiday party this Friday?
This is the one time a year where we can truly let our hair down and celebrate without worrying about “over-socializing”. Employees really enjoy interacting with each other on a laid back basis.

2. Why couldn’t they wait until after Christmas?
Obviously Christmas gifts require money. They got a severance package, but it still doesn’t get them very far into the new year.

3. Why couldn’t they give them notice?
I don’t know if this is the norm, but couldn’t a company give two week’s notice? They were escorted from the building like they were going to cause a scene.

4. Why were they chosen and not others?
These coworkers had been with the company a long time and I felt they were hard workers. I don’t see any rhyme or reason that they were chosen.

5. Why weren’t we given a chance to say goodbye?
This kind of ties in with the previous question, but when employees leave for other jobs, we have a farewell potluck and the employee typically sends out a company-wide email reminiscing about their time with the company. I’m sad we won’t have a chance to do that. Again, not sure if when people are laid off if this is normal or not.

6. What now?
We’re all kind of at a loss about what to do with their job duties now. I guess we really don’t know HOW to do their job duties now.

I guess I’m just kind of sad for two reasons: it could’ve been me and it was them. Just sad all around. I remember when our company was almost like a family. Now it’s like, well, a business.


  • Be grateful for a job to provide income for you and/or your family.

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