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Today’s lunch break took me to Petsmart. It seems like I’m there a few times a month. Good thing our pets are so loveable.

My eye was on kitty litter, also known as toilet sand. So many to choose from.

I usually purchase ScoopAway as it seems to work for us. But in the spirit of becoming a more environmentally aware family, I stepped over to the organic litter, just to see what was available.

Surprisingly there were several options, including one called World’s Best Cat Litter.

A brazen claim, and one I decided to test out. Pretty comparable in price, so I will report back with how well it works.

Also, I checked out their website. Apparently, this particular litter has a Facebook page, blog, and Twitter feed. It’s multi-talented litter.

Finally, a happy birthday shout out to my terrific, amazing, inspiring son today. He makes it easy to love him. He’s an old soul, very serious at times, interspersed with hilarious one-liners and a contagious laugh. God bless my little guy and thank you for allowing me to be his mom!


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