Kohl Miner’s Daughter   1 comment

There’s my daily play on words. 🙂

So I went to Kohl’s today, quickly, to see if I could find dressy shoes for the kids. Black boots for my daughter and some kind of brown or black dress shoe for my son. Plus I had a 30%-off coupon! I was very excited to use it but, alas, Kohl’s selection was severely limited. I found three very nice pairs of shoes for each kid, within the price range I wanted, but nothing in their size. I even went up to the next price range and still, nothing in their size AT ALL. I was really frustrated so I left without buying anything, which is rare for me. My 30% coupon wailed pitifully from my purse, but I wasn’t going to force myself to buy something “just because” I had a coupon.

So today was kind of a bust, but I’m proud I had the willpower to not spend money.


  • Only go shopping on the days you have willpower.

Posted November 15, 2011 by Lunchtime Enlightenment in Places, Review

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  1. so true! agreed…and it’s not often that I have the willpower!

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