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I am very proud of the people who fight for our freedom, namely my dad and cousin, along with some friends that are in the National Guard, etc. What a great honor to live in a country that allows me to blog about whatever I want, have more than one child, work outside the home, and be a Catholic without fear of persecution.

My dad, like most men his age, fought in Vietnam. He doesn’t talk about it a lot, but when he does, he has mixed feelings about it. There were happy memories and horrible ones, but they fashioned him into who he is today and I’m proud of all he’s gone through to be my dad.

So today me, my husband, and our kids took Dad out to lunch. We figured it’s the least we could do to honor him on such a special day. He appreciated it and showed up proudly wearing his Vietnam vet cap.

Thank you to past, current, and future veterans. I wish our country could do more to repay you.


Posted November 11, 2011 by Lunchtime Enlightenment in People, Thoughts

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