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Good day everyone.

It will be a low-key blog today, just because I didn’t have anything exciting to do for lunch today.

First, I got gas.

Looks like a video game or something, doesn’t it? My little car is still kicking after almost 11 years and gets about 23-24 miles per gallon. Good job, trusty rusty!

Then I went over to my familiar pond to read and take in some sun. Truly, it is a nice day out today and that sun is warm. I also had some buddies to keep me company.

So I guess that’s all for today, sadly. My only enlightenment for the day is to suggest you enjoy the sun and non-snowy weather because rumor has it winter is going to be a beyotch this year. 😛


Posted November 8, 2011 by Lunchtime Enlightenment in Places

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