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Today my lunch break was boring. For blogging purposes anyway. I sat in my car and read a book. But it was a free lunch break with no money spent, so that’s a good thing in my eyes.

Then I was going to blog some long, drawn out rant regarding working moms and all that they’re required to do and what their husbands are NOT required to do. But I figured I would get some feedback along the lines of: “Quit whining, at least you have a job” or “No one really cares, just buck up” or “You have a good life, what’s your problem?” So instead, I’m just going to say that working women who are wives and mothers get the short end of the stick a lot. And it’s not fair that they have to do so much for so many at the expense of their confidence, sanity, health, and quality of life.

Then I was going to blog about how our families affect us so much, and not always in positive ways. But I don’t want to start World War III, so I’ll just say that parents, siblings, in-laws, and other relatives are more responsible for the happiness of their family than they realize. To use that privilege for negative purposes is wrong.

That is all.

Suggestions for the Day:

  • Go babysit a working mom’s kids – at your house – for two hours this weekend. It will help more than you know.

Posted November 2, 2011 by Lunchtime Enlightenment in People, Thoughts

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  1. I think I love you and that you should run for president … glad to know that I’m not the only one who has this same thought at some point of my day …

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