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Over two weeks ago, I returned my left hearing aid because it just wasn’t as clear as the right one. It was annoying and they tried fixing it with no luck. So, because it’s under warranty, they decided to send it back to the company it’s from to adjust it or maybe put in a new microphone portion, which they did. But that was TWO WEEKS ago. It’s very difficult to be lopsided in your hearing, only hearing well out of the right ear for any length of time. (Speak into my good ear, sonny.) So I called today and they said “Oh yes, we have it. Come on in.” Well, HOW long has it been in darn it?

So that’s what I did over lunch today: went and picked up my better hearing aid.

Some people have been curious what it looks like, other people don’t ask but maybe they want to know. So here it is:

The black piece goes into my ear, the tan piece goes behind my ear. It’s very effective, and I like it.

Then I ran to a nearby gas station and filled up the car.

Mmm gas.

Then I WAS going to read a book, but alas, that was the end of my lunch break.

Until next time . . .


  • Don’t wait for something if you really want it. Go get it.

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