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I had to go to Target again today, to pick up a prescription for my husband. Knowing I had to beat the clock to get there and back to work within 30 minutes, I drove with precise skill to Target, found a semi-close parking spot, and raced into the store, back to the pharmacy. A little old lady with a full cart was just pulling up to the counter when I got to the back of the store. So I sighed and waited. And waited. And waited. Apparently this little old lady was a regular at the pharmacy, and was quite chatty. She had a couple of prescriptions to pick up, but then she asked if she could also ring up the rest of her cart as well.

I was thinking to myself “No way, that cart is packed. They wouldn’t make the rest of the customers wait like that.”

But they did.

And no other pharmacy employee stepped up to help me or the other three people behind me.

I didn’t count the minutes because I knew that would make me crazy, but it took a LONG time. Finally, I got to take my turn, and it took about 30 seconds for my transaction. I actually beat the little old lady down the aisle when I was done.

I truly don’t believe she knew anyone was waiting behind her, but honestly, that has to be something one is aware of. I will probably do the same thing when I’m a little old lady but I hope not. I hope I’m conscious of other people’s short lunch breaks in which they have to pack a lot of errands into a little time slot.

So now, I am taking a breath, letting it go, trying to forget how mad I am at the whole thing (along with “other” frustrations, which is a totally different story) and move on with my day.

Here we go . . .


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