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It’s funny today because I’m back at . . . Target. Yes, I am again visiting my favorite, most frequently visited store in all the world. And, here’s the most amazing part: I DID NOT SPEND ANY MONEY. I actually called my husband to share that with him. I still don’t think he believes me.

I visited the pharmacy section at Target though, and here’s why:

It’s a long story but my son is on blood thinners. It’s been years and we’ve always used one made by Teva Pharmaceuticals. Well last week, Target switched to Taro brand and since that time, my little guy has been throwing up about 5-6 hours after we give it to him.

Now, I know that it seems obvious that these two things would be related: throwing up and new medicine. But the pharmacist told me there was no difference except color and thickness of the pills. Well, as I lay in bed last night after cleaning up MORE puke, it dawned on me that there is, in fact, a link. And my guess is that it’s the additive that makes the pill more reddish pink instead of just a light pink that makes my son sick. That’s the only thing I can think of.

So today, I’m going to switch to a non-Teva and non-Taro manufacturer of blood thinner and see if it will work. It’s a light brown pill, no red that I can see, so I pray that it does work.

For those of you who know me, I’ve gotten into more of a natural approach to healing: oils, homeopathic remedies, that kind of thing. There is a homeopathic remedy that acts as a natural blood thinner, but I always told my husband I would never try it, never gamble with my son’s heart with something that isn’t accepted by doctors. We would just stick with what the doctor told us. Well now, after seeing him throw up for the past four nights, his body rejecting this medicine that’s supposed to be helping him, I am seriously considering if we should look at this other, non-Western option.

I hope tonight we have an uninterrupted night of sleep. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂


  • Sometimes you need rest and water, not an antibiotic.
  • It’s maddening to feel so helpless when your child is sick, but be strong. They pick up on your vibes.
  • Target, so far, has been very easy to work with on this issue. Patronize them.

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