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As I mentioned yesterday, today was a quick gift hunt for my brother’s birthday. I actually took three pictures of my excursions but when I got into work, I noticed they were only partially developed so I can’t post them, and my phone is out in my car so I can’t resend them. I wonder why that happens? I digress!

I had a $10 coupon at Kohl’s that expires tomorrow, so I figured Kohl’s would be a great place to get my brother’s gift. šŸ™‚ He is difficult to buy for, as are most men, so I simply wandered through the store until I found something that caught my eye. Blender? No. Halloween decorations? Too knick-knacky. Pillows? Ha! Quesadilla maker? Possibly. I went round and round until I found something I think will work.

Now, at the risk of having my brother read my blog (I actually don’t think he does), I’m not going to post or show what I purchased for him until he physically receives the gift. But I hope it’s a good one and that he likes it. Otherwise, that’s what gift receipts are for!

I’ll update with pictures later, because that just makes a blog well-rounded.

My break today was a much-needed break from work. I’m happy I have a job, it just tries my patience sometimes. And not the actual JOB part of my job – I actually enjoy what I do. It’s just the corporate/office politics that run under the radar that bug me. I could never work in a corporate, big business setting. My mouth would get me fired in under a week, I’m sure. I’ve never been good at schmoozing with the big shots, especially if they’re insincere in a way that no one will call them out on because they themselves are too worried about getting ahead.

But you know what? That’s one part of me that I like. I like that I can see through people well enough so I can see the true person beneath. If that makes me unable to get ahead in my career, well, so be it. If I feel the need to call someone out on being a phony, I’ll try to do it as tactfully as possible, but I will always try to do it. I’m black and white without any gray, and I think I’ll always be that way. (Ah, unplanned poetry . . .)


  • Being true to yourself can be difficult to accept sometimes.
  • Shopping for birthday presents is fun!
  • Call your brother or sister today. They’ll appreciate it.

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