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It’s almost the weekend, we made it! All I can think of is Rebecca Black’s “Friday, Friday” song. I gotta stop that.

Today’s lunch break will be used for exercise purposes, but I’ll let you know what I did yesterday.

I had to deposit some money at the bank, so I took a quick trip over there. Then on the way back I stopped at Taco Bell and got a burrito. I asked the guy what the name of the white sauce is on some of their food (answer: baja sauce) and he goes: “Sour cream?” Ha ha, that cracked me up!

Then I quickly got back to work with five minutes to spare, so I delved into “The Help”.

I typically am not a follower when it comes to trends like this, but everyone keeps talking about this book and this movie, I figured I’d see what all the hype was about. The only other time I did this was with “The Hunger Games” and I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with that book, but so far “The Help” seems pretty good. I’ll let you know my final word when it’s done.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend. Happy birthday to my awesome, totally rockin’ husband tomorrow! ❤


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  1. You’ll enjoy te book. It’s well-written, the story isa mixture of compelling human study mixed with the right amount of humor.

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