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I should seriously be playing hooky today. Have you been outside? It’s perfect – warm sun, cool breeze. It’s a crime to be indoors today – don’t break the law people!

On my lunch break today, I decided I would try out the dollar store, Dollar Tree to be exact. It’s a bit of a jaunt from where I work (meaning it’s more than 5 minutes away) but they had a few good deals this week so I figured I’d make the trek.

Here’s my bounty:

See, I was smart and used a basket instead of a cart like some of those aisle-hogging ladies. So we have:

  • Snack chips (for lunches)
  • Wrapping paper (for birthday emergencies)
  • Spray bottle (for lice prevention spray I’m going to make – it’s hitting closer and closer to home!)
  • Spaghetti sauce (supper tonight?)
  • Aim (for fingernail polish – kidding, I need clean teeth)
  • Toothbrushes (Colgate ones, two for $1, rock on)
  • Glow Necklaces (Halloween is 4 weeks away)
  • Degree (because I love my husband and don’t want him to smell)
  • Two cards (birthday ones, so if you get a card from me and the inside verse is so cheesy you could cry, please know I’m using it as a carrier for my own words of love)

There were some crazy people there (literally, I think) so I just made my transaction and left. If I would’ve had more time, I would’ve stopped at Fashion Bug next door, they were having a sale!

After my trip there, I stopped at Leeann Chin’s and got some food. I haven’t been there in MONTHS I don’t think, so I got a quick bowl of rice and chicken.

Okay, this picture makes it look gross, but it was REALLY good. Cashew chicken stir fry and rice. I think I’ve met my sodium intake for the day, but it was good going down. 🙂

I took EXACTLY 60 minutes for my lunch today, squeezing every moment I could outside on this beautiful day.


  • It’s almost Halloween. Start stocking up on candy now.
  • It’s almost winter. Stay outside as much as possible while you still can.

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