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Target is one of those places that you love to hate. I suppose the same could be said for Wal-Mart or Shopko, but I despise the latter. It’s a long story. Anyway, I had an hour to kill for lunch today, so I figured Target errands could be done today. I prepared for my grudgingly happy visit.

Target has everything. Today my list included the following random things (and I quote):

  • Mittens for N
  • Lunchbox and bottle for E
  • Envelopes
  • N, E socks
  • Snacks

Mittens. My son struggles with gloves since he’s still a little young, so I thought mittens would be good on those cold morning we’ve been having. $8 for one pair? I think I’ll bypass those.

Lunchbox and bottle. By bottle, I mean water bottle. My poor daughter has been using hand-me-down lunchboxes and water bottles since she knew what they were, so I thought I’d get her one of her own. Pink, of course.

Envelopes. Did you know they were COMPLETELY sold out of envelopes? Unless I wanted to buy a box of 175 for $6, which would last me approximately nine years, so I went without this time.

N,E socks. Yes, I realize kids grow. Yes, I realize it’s an impossible task to keep their wardrobes up to speed with their growth rate. But last night I was looking at my son’s feet and the heels of his socks were nearing the middle of the bottom of his feet. Yeah, this was a necessity today.

Snacks. I love Target’s snack selection. Today, I got almonds, yogurt, and granola bars to have on hand on work, lest I run to the vending machine for a Snickers.


Okay, let’s face it, Target doesn’t have too many cons. I guess today it was the high price of mittens and their lack of envelope options, but honestly I was able to check out in under four minutes too. The only other con is my lack of willpower – and the way the store is always reminding me of that thing that I need that didn’t make it to my list. Darn you.


  • Make a list. Trust me.




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