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I hope everyone’s weekend was amazing! My hubby and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary last week so we got away for a night, just us two. It was nice and most of the time we just enjoyed the silence . . . and then couldn’t wait to get back to our kiddos since they’re so loveable and entertaining.

Yesterday over lunch, I headed to the hearing doc to get my aids adjusted (aka made LOUDER). My left ear seemed to be struggling a little bit, so that one got a big boost in volume. Now they sound just about even. I’m amazed at how “cloudy” my world becomes when I take the aids out at night. It’s like someone immediately shoves cotton into my ears. I guess you never know what you got ’til it’s gone.

Then I went to the library to pick up a video for my little guy. It’s called The Busy Little Engine (and his friend Pig). It’s a completely random video but my son loves it. He gets excited with anything involved with trains, and it made his drop off at daycare this morning go a little smoother.

Today I thought I’d spend some time in my car over lunch, enjoying the cool weather and doing some work on my vision board. On my Oils by Mary page on Facebook, I posted a link to a “how to” site on vision boards. Mine is looking pretty skimpy at the moment, so I thought I’d peruse some magazines for pictures I could add. I found quite a few and am excited to add them tonight (along with doing laundry and homework :-)).

As a side note, vision boards really do work. I put a picture of a fridge under my “wants” category and lo and behold, just as our fridge was conking out, we found a really nice fridge (with a scratch on the side that no one can see) on Craigslist for a tiny little price. I love it and it was a great buy.


  • The universe can’t help you with things you don’t specifically address.
  • Be grateful to God for all the gifts you receive.
  • Hearing is good.

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