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Wow, I realized I haven’t posted in quite a while, times goes by so fast!

Today I went back to Goodwill to check out any sales for the kids. Just some things to supplement their wardrobe. I got them each a pair of pants and then three tops each. Total cost? $20. Can’t beat a good deal like that. I’m going to take my daughter in to go shopping this weekend though hopefully, that girl could use some clothes now that she’s gotten taller . . . AGAIN. Sheesh, she’s eight years old and up to my chin and I’m 5’7″. Having a tall dad will do that I’m sure. Plus my son has shot up too. I love growth spurts, they always amaze me.

Yesterday I was boring over my lunch break and read a good book in my car just to get out of the office for a bit.

I will try and be more exciting next week. Tomorrow I’ll be working out with my buddy Kate again over lunch, so that isn’t very exciting to blog readers.

On the plus side, it’s our 10 year anniversary today, so yay for us! Amazing how fast time goes, it seems like just yesterday I was prepping for the big day. I am truly happy I married my husband though, he is a wonderful man and always good to me.


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