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Yesterday I didn’t post anything because I literally did not get a lunch break. It was like 15 minutes while I ran to my car to just sit in silence until I had to get back to work. It was just a really busy day. I’m sure my boss will have something to say when she sees my timecard, but I didn’t have a choice, I was sandwiched! 🙂

Today I worked out. I was supposed to workout with my buddy Kate but she had a super awesome meeting to attend, so I went solo. It actually went pretty well. I did weights, a bit of yoga (poses that I could remember), some core work (ouch), and then some stretching. It felt really good to be DOING something.

Upstairs in the weight room, they have one of those fancy scales that you see in doctor’s offices. It reminded me of my last visit to the doctor. I went in for my yearly diabetes checkup a couple weeks ago, and I complained to her that I work out 4-5 times a week and have seen NO results as far as weight loss. We started talking about insulin resistance and what that means to my body when it comes to losing weight. She also suggested that I also start counting calories, staying at about 1,500 per day. So I started tracking it (thanks to sparkpeople.com) and I guess I didn’t realize how much those little snacks can add up to. Almost everyday when I started, I was over the 1,500 guideline. It really put things into perspective. Now I stick right around that count and I think that’s what’s helped with the four pound weight loss this past month.

Just had to share, I’m feeling pretty happy right now!


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