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I really heart long weekends. Even if they’re filled with nothing but relaxing, running to visit family, and sleeping (not in that order).

But now we’re back to work, school, and real life. Welcome back!

Today for lunch (which I was really looking forward to because my eyes are rebelling against the constant screen time this morning) I had two things to do. First, deposit a check at the bank. Secondly, I went to Barnes and Noble.

Let me explain something. I like reading. I will read pretty much anything once, even if I think the books are sappy or weird (or written by Jodi Piccoult). But there is one series I follow religiously. It is a romantic/paranormal series by Christine Feehan, known as the Dark Series, and she release one book annually. Most people roll their eyes are think it’s strange that an educated woman reads these books. But I honestly don’t care: they are my guilty pleasure.

So my purchase at Barnes and Noble today was the newest release, Dark Predator.

I had just enough time to read the first chapter before I had to get back into work and it was REALLY difficult to leave the book in the car and not call in sick so I could keep reading it. Alas, my work ethic prevailed.

Daily enlightenment:

  • Don’t be embarrassed about something that makes you happy.

Happy back to school for students too!


Posted September 6, 2011 by Lunchtime Enlightenment in Books, Thoughts

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