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I forgot my lunch today. Dang it! I’ve been trying not to eat out but I honestly need to eat SOMETHING so I stopped at Culver’s today and got a hamburger. With ketchup. And tomato.

It was quite tasty.

Then since it was so nice outside I decided to go for a walk. It was nice out but holy cow it was windy. I got some fabulous workout resistance while walking against the wind, it’s good for the muscles. Here is my walking scenery:

Pretty right? Actually I think this was the site of my first blog post as well. Not too many location duplicates since then, so that’s good. 🙂

While I walked I mostly had a blank mind, it was very relaxing to not have to think for a change. Then I was sifting through my past dreams, trying to remember one I had last night. It’s kind of blurry but it centered around finding a jewel hidden at the Vatican and the old wizard professor from Harry Potter was there, trying to discourage me from finding it. And I had a red wand. I felt like I wanted to kick some butt and find this elusive (and apparently illegal) jewel but then it was time to wake up. Maybe a cross between Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code. At any rate, random!

So, your daily enlightenment:

  • Enjoy the weather. There aren’t going to be many more days like this left.
  • Dreams are awesome.
  • It’s okay to let your mind wander once in a while. Otherwise, how will it know to relax?

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