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I came to work this morning, determined to “make” it a good day. I think everyone here knew that and decided to prove me wrong. It has been just a crazy, whacked out morning. I’m not sure what people are smoking, but whatever it is, it makes for a weird time in my office. Just lots of strange questions, meetings, situations, etc. At one point I thought I was on Candid Camera.

So of course when my lunch break came, I couldn’t wait to get out of here, I was ready for a break. I was actually ready to punch something which doesn’t happen a lot, especially since I exercised this morning which helps with frustrations.

Then my husband (bless him) met me outside with sandwiches and chips so we could have lunch while I ran to the bank. What a nice guy right?

Well, he proceeded to listen to me b!tCh about work for several minutes before I finally felt better. I apologized and we had a very nice relaxed time while zooming around to several locations.

One stop (because I wanted comfort food but nothing TOO horrible) was Taco Bell. We each got a little burrito to supplement the sandwiches and chips. 🙂

Yep. Taco Bell is pretty quiet around 2:30 on a Monday.

So here are today’s points to remember:

  1. If you have a spouse as awesome as mine, don’t take it for granted.
  2. A ham sandwich and a burrito is SO much better for you than Famous Dave’s “Platter o’ Heart Attack”.
  3. Sometimes running errands counts as a date.
  4. Banks really appreciate you when you deposit money.

I hope everyone’s weekend was amazing and fun!


Posted August 22, 2011 by Lunchtime Enlightenment in People, Places

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