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We have pets. Three to be exact: a cat, a dog, and a fish. When they were first adopted by us, we took them to a veterinarian I know. The vet “fixed them” and then recommended a brand of food for them: Royal Canin (no, there’s no “e”).

The cat has been eating this food for about two years. The dog, for about one year. Lately though, they haven’t been looking too good, especially the cat. His fur is getting all matted, dandruffy, and just gross (he has dreads actually). And the dog, while I know he’s hungry, doesn’t eat much of his food and prefers to comb the kitchen floor for crumbs of human food, more than any normal dog would.

So I decided to do some research. Apparently, while Royal Canin is an okay food, it’s a far cry from the best food. And do you know why Science Diet is the #1 recommended brand by veterinarians? Because they get paid to say that, or paid by Science Diet to recommend their food. My research finally led me to Blue Buffalo: organic, holistic, and nothing crappy.

Last week, I went to Petsmart, got some Blue Buffalo for the cat, and have been giving him some for the past week. The difference is amazing, even with slowly mixing it with his old Royal Canin food. His dreads are gone, he’s working through them instead of me just cutting them out, he seems to LIKE to eat now, and his fur is shinier. He just seems better.

Today I went and picked up some Blue Buffalo for the dog. Do you know what their first ingredient is? Chicken. Do you know what Royal Canin’s first ingredient is? Chicken meal. Followed by a slew of other things I can’t pronounce. Ew.


The checkout person at Petsmart said Blue Buffalo is one of the top brands they carry and that many vets around the area get “incentives” from Royal Canin to recommend their food. Another checkout person from last week said that all she gives her cat and dog is Blue Buffalo and is always complimented on how healthy her pets’ eyes, teeth, and fur are.

So there’s my review.

Oh, and I also got gas before heading back to work.

Happy weekend everyone!


Posted August 19, 2011 by Lunchtime Enlightenment in Review

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