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I’m going to post a picture and you see if you can figure out where I am. Or where I WAS:

What do you get if you win? Um, a cyber hug.

Congratulations to those of you who figured out I was in Kohl’s! A 30 minute break can actually feel like a 10 minute break when you’re shopping, especially clothes. I thought I would go check it out and see if there were any good deals for school and work clothes. Save yourself the trip, there are none.

Kohl’s is going through some remodeling so I thought they might have good deals to lure people in. But a shirt on the 80% off rack was still $18, which to me is what a shirt should cost on the regularly priced rack. I know, I know, the price of cotton is going up and the cost to manufacture clothes is going up and the cost is passed onto the consumer, I know. It still is disheartening though. I didn’t find anything worth buying and even left the Godiva chocolate display empty-handed (ask me how much will power THAT took . . .)

There were two grandparents and two kids leaving the store when I did. The kids looked utterly bored (they were about the same age as mine) and the grandparents didn’t look overly thrilled either. It’s so strange to me that after seeing my kids with my parents and my in-laws how any grandkid could be BORED? It boggles my mind. The kids always have such a fun time when they’re with Grandma and Grandpa. Maybe that’s because all they are all awesome? Yeah, I’d say that’s it.


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