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Like I’ve said before, I adore rainy, cloudy days. Especially when they’re the perfect temp, like today and when I get a longer lunch hour. Like today. 🙂

I was very productive today! First, check out this great sky.

Isn’t that pretty? The blue van really adds to the aura of the photo.

Then it was off to Petsmart. Again. Poor Bugsy ran out of food last night, so we’ve been feeding him other “stuff” until I can bring his food home tonight.

As I was taking this picture, a woman with a beautiful looking pit bull came around the corner and gave me a weird look. I just smiled and kept walking. But back to the pit bull. Apparently it was a rescue, pure bred, and like I said, looked amazing. She was a sweet little dog, and very curious. She finally found a toy she liked though – a squeaky rubber bone.

Then I realized I was running on fumes, so I stopped to get gas.

I realized later is was one whole cent cheaper at the gas station by where I work. That would’ve saved me 10 cents. I could’ve bought . . . well, nothing with 10 cents I guess.

Then I went to Chipotle and got lunch. There is a bit of a story behind this, but here is my gorgeous food.

It’s a vegetarian bowl, and it’s amazing. I didn’t feel like spicy chicken today, although I did notice Chipotle raised their prices by 70 cents a bowl. That’s just crazy, but it’s good food so I guess I’ll occasionally pay. But that’s where the story comes in.

One of my co-workers is currently without a car and has been either walking or taking the bus to work. On the rare occasion when we close early or have off-campus activities, she will sometimes ask her fellow workers for a ride home. I think I’ve given her a ride home . . . twice. I can kind of make it on my own way home. But because of that, she gave me a $10 Chipotle gift card as a thank you at the end of the quarter. In fact, she gave EVERYONE a little something that had been her chauffeur. Seriously, it was not necessary, but I thought it was very sweet because you don’t see that much anymore: someone being truly grateful for how you helped them and are willing to show their appreciation by more than just saying “thank you”. I thought it was very nice.

Final stop? Cashwise. To get? Coupons. Yummy, delicious coupons.

I have tomorrow off to hang with the kids since we don’t have daycare this week, so I figured a great air-conditioned activity would be grocery-getting. I thought if I planned ahead with coupons, it would make our trip easier.

And THAT, my friends, is what I did over my lunch break today.

Hope your weekend was terrific!


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