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Yesterday and today, I really didn’t have any errands that needed doing, so yesterday I sat in my car and kind of meditated. I’d been feeling kind of run down and blah, so I figured a good half hour of serious quiet time would help. It did. So today I just read a book for a little while and drank my pop.

It just seemed like a Diet Pepsi kind of day and it tasted awesome. I don’t drink pop/soda very often, so this was a nice little treat.

Yesterday I meditated on how busy everyone always is. From running your kids places to grocery shopping to all that other “stuff” that needs to get done, it’s a miracle we have any clean clothes left. But I didn’t just think about my own family; I thought about single moms who have to do all this without the assistance of a spouse or significant other. Or like my friend Anita whose husband is deployed right now. Or couples who work opposite shifts in order to avoid paying for daycare. Or even some students who are successfully juggling earning a degree, family, and a full-time job. I guess I kind of fall into that category, but I depend heavily on my husband. These people do it ALONE. It’s amazing.

Someone on Facebook posted something to the effect of “If everyone throws their problems into a pile, chances are you’d be grabbing yours back really fast.” Just meaning that your problems are actually not that bad in comparison to someone else’s. I guess it’s food for thought.

Oh, as I was parking my car again, I saw the following picture and thought we could do a caption phrase. 🙂 (If you can’t see it very clearly, it’s an ambulance from Montevideo.)

“Oh, I’m SO glad we didn’t go straight to the hospital. This raspberry smoothie is killer!”


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