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Like most people with kids, we’ve been through our share of daycare providers.

First we had Susan when my daughter was a little thing. Susan helped her get potty trained within two days by use of M&M’s and positive, non-rushed encouragement. We liked Susan very much but we moved out of town so had to find another person.

Next we had Amanda, who has kids of her own about the same age as mine, and the kids liked going there. Amanda kindly gave us notice though after several months, and referred us to Stacie.

Stacie we were with for quite some time. At first she was enthusiastic about her job, then she seemed annoyed by it, and then it got to the point where we had to give our notice which made her upset, so the last two weeks we didn’t even send the kids there.

Then we went back to Amanda, but unfortunately she had some issues with her pregnancy so she had to give us notice. (Luckily everything worked out okay – for her and for us.)

Scrambling at this point, a neighbor referred us to THEIR daycare person, Jan, and happily she had two openings for our two kiddos. Jan has been a great person to watch over the kids, almost like a grandmother, she’s been doing daycare for a long time. She is firm yet fair, educational yet fun. So basically she’s awesome. Of course I’m sure she has her days, but I haven’t seen her in a bad mood yet.

This week, they’re studying the Mexican culture. They are reading books, doing art projects, and making a pinata, which was the reason for my lunch break today. She said if anyone wanted to bring non-candy goodies for the pinata, she would add them in.

She’s going to be thrilled I’m sure – harmonicas and little handheld drums. Noise! 🙂 I went to Party City, which is a store I could spend a lot of time and money in, and they had a lot to choose from. I was going to get sparkly bouncy balls, but Jan does have young ones so I figured that probably wouldn’t be safe.

But, honestly, who doesn’t love harmonicas and drums??


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  1. LOL she is my kind of Daycare lady if they break the pinata right before the end of the day so that the parents end up with the noise…………….LOL

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