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I had a good weekend. Me and the fam joined up with four other families at a cabin and we are very appreciative to the friend who made the cabin visit possible. I think that’s why it’s so hard coming back to work today.

The cabin (if you can even call it that, it’s pretty posh) is out in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin and it’s surrounded by trees next to a lake. It’s pretty peaceful, even if there were 10 kids under nine there at the same time. The kids actually behaved most of the entire weekend. Good work, children!

So back to work today, and I’m in a bit of a grumpy mood just because I’m not at the cabin and I’m not outside and I’m not at one with nature anymore. Not that I dislike my job, it’s just hard to sit in one spot staring at a screen when you’ve been seeing non-screen stuff for three days. But enough with my whining . . .

Today I get an hour-long lunch break. On warm days it’s somewhat difficult to fill a whole hour, but I almost succeeded.

First stop: Tami’s Alterations to pick up my bridesmaid dress for this weekend. Here it is in plastic wrap, looking a little ghostly in the backseat of my car.

Pretty color choice, huh? Cornflower.

I was recommended to Tami’s Alterations by another member of the wedding party, but after working with her, I don’t think we’re all that impressed. It took her three “sessions” to fix my dress and when I tried it on originally, I thought it fit pretty darn good. She just had to take in the length and pull in the bust size a little (that’s a first for me, by the way). Anyway, by the time it was all said and done, the alterations cost almost as much as the dress: $90. Maybe that doesn’t seem like much, but it didn’t seem like much had to be DONE. So yeah, I don’t think I’ll use her again. She’s nice, a little ditzy at times, but it just seemed to take a long time. Is $20 for steaming my dress a lot? It seemed like a lot to me, but then this is the only wedding I’ve been in since my sister’s a few years back and I think steaming was included in the alteration costs. Oh! And she doesn’t take check cards, she’s been in between vendors for over a month now, so luckily I had my checkbook with me, but otherwise I would’ve had to come back.


My next stop was Petsmart again to get food for the cat. Again.

They had both the kinds I wanted this time, so bonus there.

Finally, I stopped at the bank to deposit a check which went nice and quick.

So now I’m back at work, in a marginally better mood because I was able to be outside for a while. I hope everyone had a great weekend and is able to stay cool!


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