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On these hot days, my half hour lunch break takes on new challenges. What can I do for a half hour that is outside of my job, still a good accomplishment for my day, and stay cool? Usually on days I don’t have many errands, I’ll sit in my car and read or do bills or whatever, but my poor car can’t stay cool in this heat. I don’t want to sit in the break room at work because people come in there and want to chat and I just need some quiet time. 🙂

So today I first went to the library to drop off some books. I took a great action shot of me putting them in the little slot, but half the picture is grayed out thanks to the heat on my phone. I even tried to load it here so you could see but well that’s not working.

After that, I just drove on some non-busy backroads, relaxing in my car with the air on. It was a good lunch break.

As I was driving, I couldn’t help but notice all the NICE, seriously nice cars people are driving. Gleaming white mustangs, cherry red convertibles, etc. I started wondering first: is there still a recession? And second:what am I doing wrong? I posted something like this on Facebook, but seriously, where are people getting all their money? I started thinking of one friend who is building a brand new house, another who just bought a brand spanking new suburban, a neighbor who purchased a HUGE camper trailer that sits in their driveway mocking us, other acquaintances who take tons of trips to Florida, go to Twins games whenever they can, and even others who buy state of the art phones with a high monthly price tag.

Now, before you get all sassy on me, let me explain. I don’t begrudge people these things. I am truly happy they can afford them. I’m just wondering: why can’t we? My husband and I make decent money for this area and I don’t think we squander it foolishly, but I know at this point we couldn’t afford a new camper, a new house, a new car payment, or frequent trips that require Delta to escort us.

I would seriously like to see another family’s budget just once, to see where it all goes for them and then compare it to ours. Doesn’t everyone have student loans? Doesn’t everyone give money to the church? Doesn’t everyone have a house payment? And there’s still enough money left after that to purchase OTHER things?

I realize there are other people out there that DON’T have these things. I just have days where I want to “keep up with the Joneses” and then the next day I go back to appreciating what we have and my awesome family.

Well, enough rambling, I was just getting some confusion out of my system there. My enlightenment for the day is to not have “keep up with the Joneses” days anymore.


Posted July 20, 2011 by Lunchtime Enlightenment in People

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