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Yeah, we live in Minnesota, aka the Sweatbox. Seriously, this is insane, my car’s air conditioner was blowing warm air on me after five minutes of driving down the road. Sheesh.

Plus, today is the first day of classes where I work and people start coming out of the woodwork, asking for things that could’ve been done over our three-week break. So needless to say, I’m a little stressed, irritated, and bordering on psychotic. Luckily I have some Whoppers (the candy, not the burger) to ease my shattered nerves.

Usually lunchtime is downtime for me. But not today. I’m supposed to take an hour-long lunch on Mondays. But not today. I couldn’t wait to get back to the air-conditioned goodness of my job, although I did miss my decompressing time. My sights were set on Target today and the following associated items:

But all I was able to get is:

The coupon I had for free peanut butter was apparently received by a horde of other people because they were completely out. Also, Target does not replace watch batteries, so I’ll have to find somewhere else for that. But I was able to get my son’s prescription, which (really) was the most important thing on my list so that’s good.

I don’t have anything really deep or meaningful to say today, I think all my considerable charm has been spent on customer service. I’ll recharge tonight!



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