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On Tuesday after work, I headed to the chiropractor since my neck had been hurting since Saturday. I slept wrong and it was all messed up. I usually have to go to the back doc every three months or so, either for my lower or upper back and typically they can fix me up in two visits.

So today was my second visit.

I see THE Dr. Minser, who actually used to be neighbors with my in-laws back in the day. She is very nice, short and sweet and to the point. And she gets results! I have always been happy going there, I even get a free massage before the adjustment which is awesome.

My shoulders are always tight, as most women’s are, and I was wondering if anyone out there gets a massage on a weekly or monthly basis to fend off muscle stiffness. Or if I could even get a prescription ordering me to get a massage every week or something. Wouldn’t that be awesome? “What’s this $20 co pay from?” “Oh that? That’s just from my doctor prescribed MASSAGE.” But alas, I will have to continue to pay for my (infrequent) massages. Or I could just keep hurting my neck and go back to Minser . . .

(As a side note, the spell check on this blog does not recognize the word “massage”. It keeps asking me if I want to change it to “message”. LOL)


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