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Today’s weather is absolutely perfect: sunny with clouds, breezy, and just the perfect temp, a lovely 70 degrees.

Work was kind of stifling today (in more ways than one, but I won’t go into that) so I thought it would be the perfect time to finish my current book “Tell Me Something True”. It’s a decent read, and I was kind of anxious for the author to get to the point and it seems to take FOREVER to get there. And I’m a fast reader. But the ending is like “Oh, um, okay, it’s done? Well then . . . thanks?” Ah well, at least I got it done, now I can start on another one. 🙂

Maybe I’ll read the Berenstain Bears books again. Those are always a good read with a clear conflict and resolution. I sometimes try to read self-help books but after a few chapters of that, I crave something with an actual PLOT. So if anyone out there has any good suggestions, let me know. Please nothing sappy or sad or emotional like Jody Picoult or something. I mean, I don’t want to come back from my lunch break with mascara running down my face or anything.

Hey, I didn’t spend any money on my lunch break today! Hooray!


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