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Mongos is a sweet little place where you throw all your fav ingredients into a bowl while someone else cooks it for you. I usually manage to make a good dish that it’s actually healthy, with all the veggies and “good” oils in there.

Today I got to enjoy my healthy lunch with my good buddy, Dawn.

We used to work together. I miss working with her, but thanks to her good friend-ness, she’s helped us keep in touch even though we don’t see each other everyday. She’s getting married in July and I’m honored to actually be in the wedding party.

It’s funny how friendships are tested. How are Dawn and I able to stay friends for six years after working together when some friendships can’t even make it past a few months? I think back to college and even high school and about all those people I called “friends”. What’s happened to them? How did we drift? Was our friendship not as strong as we thought it was? I find it very cosmically challenging to think of the ways people are brought together. Did the housing person at my college know that my freshman roommates would still be acquaintances today? Or that, because of my freshman roommate, I would meet my future husband?

Everytime someone new comes into my life, I immediately think: How long will I know this person and will they be a strong enough force to stay in my life? Dawn is one of those people I hope stays around a long time. I enjoy her calm and upbeat take on pretty much everything. I wish I had more friends like her.

Someone on Facebook said yesterday that we should cut out the dramatic people in our lives. I replied back that if I did that, I wouldn’t have any friends. Facebook friends don’t actually represent the number of true, real world friends you have.


Posted June 27, 2011 by Lunchtime Enlightenment in People, Places

3 responses to “Mongoliscious

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  1. True very true and I love Dawn as well she is a wonderful person.

  2. So either I’m “dramatic” or I’m not your friend. Either way, I’m offended or something!!

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