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Ah, Friday. I love this day. Especially when there’s a song about it.

Today at work we had staff and faculty from other campuses (campii?) come to our campus for various trainings. In this horde of people were previous co-workers who had gone onto other campuses to further their career. My old boss, another co-worker who had left earlier this year to join my old boss, our old director and her significant other who I know we all miss.

After talking with them, I came to realize how much I truly miss working with them. At one time, a few years ago, we had one of the best campuses around – we were close-knit and all friends, not just co-workers. Our old director, I looked up to her very much. She was professional yet friendly, firm yet fair, and strong yet not overbearing. She’s moved up the ladder (not surprisingly) but speaking with her today brought back memories of her reigning in a potty-mouthed student and correcting me without malice.

My old boss, well, he’s just a loveable goofball and I miss his presence greatly. He was fair and the complete opposite of a micromanager. He trusted us to do our work and we always did. I guess that’s why they call it “the good old days”.

Okay, back to lunch break time. Today, I went and worked out. Weights were the goal, and I had no workout partner, so it went fairly quickly. My muscles were screaming at me about halfway through – but now I feel good!

Looking forward to the weekend (fun, fun, fun, fun) . . .


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