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This week is a little off kilter as opposed to other weeks. Tuesday I didn’t have a lunch break since I was off early in order to comp hours for today. Yesterday I didn’t work at all; I had a vacation day in order to take my daughter (and myself) to the dentist. My son ended up tagging along since daycare unexpectedly needed a day to go with her husband to a doctor appointment. So I was a full-time mom for a day – and I loved it.

I used to say I could never be a stay-at-home mom. No adult interaction, being at my kids’ beck and call, expected to have supper ready for my husband when he came over, just being the perfect little wife and mother. But I’ve always considered myself a career gal: get educated, get a good job, send the kids to daycare. But then I think, why even have kids then? So you can send them to someone else’s house to get raised while you make the almighty dollar?

I like working. I like having enough money to do extra things. But I miss my kids growing up. And after yesterday, I’ve come to realize they’ve become such amazing little people while I’ve been WORKING. It’s so frustrating and I want to stay home with them during the summer, but I literally can’t. We cannot afford to live on my husband’s salary alone, believe me we’ve crunched the numbers. Even with eating out cut back to $20 a month, it still wouldn’t pan out. *sigh*

Anyway! Today for lunch, I decided to go out to eat (because I work and I have money budgeted for that).

I don’t know why the picture is so warped – I was standing still when I took it. Strange. The good thing about Chipotle is that they give you enough food so you have two meals. So now I have supper too, which is good because I work later tonight. I like Chipotle because they use organic ingredients whenever possible and free range chickens, etc. Plus it tastes amazing (probably the lack of junk IN the food . . .)

While eating, I also started reading a book on the history of witchcraft. (Ha ha, when I first wrote that I wrote witchcrack.) It’s not a very interesting read and is very choppy. Feels like it was written by a 10-year-old. I may forgo this book. It looked interesting, but it’s not. Oh well!

Happy Thursday to all!


Posted June 23, 2011 by Lunchtime Enlightenment in Books, Places

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