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Ah, Mondays. It’s always tough getting back on the wagon again: turning on the high wattage customer service, dealing with overly chipper coworkers, and trying to balance that fine line between being assertive and being thought of as a “nice person”. Since I tend to run my mouth sometimes, I’m still trying to find that balance. 🙂

Today I have my hour-long lunch, so I dropped books off at the library, got gas, and went to Target.

I try not to go to Target too often, just because I tend to spend WAY too much money there. It’s so easy to see clothes on clearance, shoes on sale, and deeply discounted snacks on the endcaps. So today, I put my blinders on (we’re trying to budget here, people) and went straight back to the pharmacy. I love how it’s strategically placed in the back of the store, so you’re forced to walk past all their goodies. I’m sure that is totally a coincidence.

I had to get a prescription for me, my husband, and my son, but I had a great little $10 coupon for my husband’s, so bonus there. The people in the pharmacy are always really nice and I don’t think my entire transaction has ever taken longer than seven minutes on a bad day.

So I made it out of the store with only a jar of Nutella joining my prescriptions. It was only $3. What, that’s cheap! (Darn you, Target . . .)


Posted June 20, 2011 by Lunchtime Enlightenment in Places

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